“Home office” will certainly be a term among the candidates for the Word of 2020 (among many more, less positive ones).

We want to say THANKS to all those among our employees, customers, partners and suppliers, who work from home and give them a little bit of attention - “Lederer ´s Home Office Basic Equipment”, so to speak.

This Work@Home set includes:

  • Lederer (anniversary) cup and pen
  • Post It sticky notes
  • shopping bag … you have to get out once in a while ;-)
         (without content: no noodles, no flour, no toilet paper)
  • 3-months calendar, "screw" paperclips, ... ...

Send us YOUR pictures from the home office, (if you like with your consent to publish them on our gallery page, without mentioning the name) to the following e-mail address:


If you provide us with your postal address, we will send you the Work@Home set free of charge. (The address data will then of course be deleted!)

We look forward to your message and your pictures!

THANKS to everyone who is active at home!
... and who sent us your pictures ...
(and you are welcome to send it further ;-)

From employees ...

... from micro-enterprises and medium-sized companies to global market leaders ...

... from Ennepetal, Lübeck, Munich and Chemnitz, from Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Slovenia, Italy ... even from New Zealand!